Saturday, September 01, 2007

Something Right

You know you are doing something right when the chip leader in a $10 SNG calls you an idiot. Actually the direct quote was "ur an idiot". Later she got upset when I called her re-raise with my bottom pair. We were heads-up and I knew there was a good chance that bottom pair was good. Turns out she also had bottom pair with a much worse kicker. Let's see, I'm guaranteed at least second place money and I hit bottom pair, heads-up.....I think gambling was the right choice in that situation, plus, it put my opponent on tilt. Anyone want to chime in with their thoughts?

Here's a bit more information: I had the chip lead. I had a fairly good read on her. When it got down to 3 players she was playing almost every hand and when it was the 2 of us, she didn't fold anything pre-flop. When she re-raised, it felt like a bluff and if I was wrong, I still would have had a playable stack but not the chip lead.

BTW, I won the tournament!

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