Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Thoughts While Walking

Welcome back! It's been a long time since I wrote anything of substance on this blog but, hopefully, this is about to change. While on my walk today I decided to try something new, a regular series that I think may stimulate some discussion and possibly cause me to write more if a subject seems to be of particular interest. So, with that in mind I introduce my new series "Thoughts While Walking" (name subject to change if someone has a better title).

  • Why do I spend so much time thinking about the people who obviously don't like me? They aren't wasting their time thinking about me so why do I waste time thinking about them.
  • Why do I feel that everyone needs to like me? I don't like everyone I meet so I shouldn't expect everyone I encounter to like me.
  • I say that I value honesty but, if someone came up to me and said they didn't like me, would I really appreciate their honesty?
  • Would I want to know why someone doesn't like me? I'm not likely to make any significant change but knowing the reason may give me some insight that could help me in the long run.
  • Bob Dylan may be a genius when it comes to writing lyrics but the dude can not sing. He would not even make it to Hollywood week on American Idol. (One of his songs came on my mp3 near the end of the walk.)
So, these are some of the thoughts. Most of them I did come up with some answers to but I'm interested in other opinions before I go into more depth.

Let me know what you think either in the comments or through email if you prefer to keep your thoughts private.


StB said...

Screw em all! When you focus on your friends you life becomes much richer. It isn't the quantity of people, its the quality.

on_thg said...

I'm going to disagree with you on Dylan. He can sing, he just usually chooses not to.

Welcome back to blogging!

Maura said...

I always had interesting conversations with myself when I was walking. I like your new direction. :-)

I agree w/you about Dylan, btw.

BWoP said...

I hate walking, but I like the idea for the post series :-)

SirFWALGMan said...

I am not sure why people waste time thinking about people who do not like them but you are sure as hell not the only person to think/worry about things like that. Probably some sort of insecurity going with the "liked by everyone" thing. I can totally relate. Being like Waffles may not be a good thing though.

On your other point. Someone saying they don't like you may be honesty but it seems more like just being mean or a prick. It's a fine line between just trying to hurt someone and being honest with them. who knows.

Good luck with your deep walks though!

The Wife said...

Yayy!! Welcome back to the blog world.

On the people not liking you thing . . . I'd say you have a pretty kick-ass group of people who DO like you (enough to sleep in the same room with you even), so to everyone else, I say "Screw 'em!"

And I'm totally with you on Dylan. How you can be so lyrically inclined, and so vocally dis-inclined is beyond me.

jamyhawk said...

This reminded me of one of my favorite sayings:

The 20/40/60
At age 20 you wonder what everyone is saying about you.

By age 40 you don't care what everyone is saying about you.

By age 60 you realize that noone has been saying anything about you.