Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"Screw 'em!"

Well, that seemed to be the consensus to my earlier thoughts. Actually, that was the conclusion I came to as well. Life is to short to care about what others think and the fact that some people may not like me is not a big deal. As I said, I don't like everyone I've ever come in contact with so I shouldn't expect everyone to like me.

This whole thought process came about as I was thinking about some ex-coworkers who I thought were my friends but obviously aren't. I say that because one of them lives very close by and never calls, comes over or anything. Not that she ever did when we worked together but I kind of thought that was because we saw enough of each other at work. The other co-workers lack of communication does surprise me a little but we did have a slight disagreement when she tried to take some of my shifts away from me. Maybe she never got over it.

Anyway, from there I just started thinking about why I cared so much. That goes deeper and takes me back to high school where I never felt like I belonged. All I wanted was to be liked, not popular (been there, done that, hated it), just wanted to feel like I was worthy of having friends. Truth be told, I had some amazing friends in high school and shouldn't have cared about everyone else but high school is kind of it's own world and rational thought doesn't often enter into the picture. Hind sight and all that.

So, to wrap it up, I had amazing friends in high school and I have amazing friends now. Everyone else can go to hell.

Now, time to decide if I keep Bob Dylan on my mp3 player despite his lack of vocal ability.


The Wife said...

Wow . . . two posts in a day.

Yeah, real friends call you sometimes . . . and invite you over for spaghetti dinner.

Just sayin'.

Jumper said...


lura said...

nice blog

kaysue said...

I agree screw em there are real people in this world that we can let those who talk outta both sides of their faces rot in their own company.