Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm at work and could fall asleep at any moment, not that anyone would notice.  I have the office all to myself and there is a nice comfy gurney in the corner.  We also have a keypad entry to the department that beeps when the code is being entered, so I have ample warning before someone comes in to get up off my ass and look busy.  Of course I'm too tired to get up and walk over to the gurney so I'll probably just fall asleep on my laptop and send incoherent IM's to people.

Big Congrats to Iggy for making the final table in the Latin Series of Poker event in Costa Rica!  I wish there was somewhere I could go for live updates when the action starts but I'll be on a plane later this evening and won't be able to check anyway.  I'll just have to wait for Tweet updates.  Kick some ass Iggy!

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