Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let me rephrase that...

When I said I shouldn't go to Vegas I meant to add that since the non-refundable tickets and room are paid for, I will still be going.  I'll just be eating off the dollar menu at McD's instead of Craft Steakhouse (someday I will eat there!).  I'll be ordering iced tap water from the bar and not playing a whole lot of poker.  Of course a big paying job could come up between now and then but right now it's not looking good so I'm going to try to save enough money for the tournament buy-in, some money to eat on the cheap, and money for the cab fare to and from the airport.  Anything else will just not be possible as I can no longer use my credit cards for anything.

Anyway, that is the much shorter and much less pathetic post I was going to put up earlier.  I'll try to make my next post a little more upbeat.  I'm in San Diego next week with the nephew so there should be something good to blog about.  


BWoP said...

Drop me an email. I can probably pick you up from the airport.

(Now will you root against StB's team???)


ckone24 at gmail

Zeem said...

you're not the only one hurting, I'll see you at the soup line!

StB said...

I'll get you drinks if you cheer againt the Eagles.