Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Short Notice

I just found out today that Shelly will not be going to Vegas for the blogger gathering. What this means is I have a free bed available at the beautiful resort I am staying at. Yes, I said free. Not only is there a twin bed available but there is a full kitchen that can be used to save some money instead of eating out all the time. The resort has a huge pool area, a game room, and a free shuttle to the strip. On top of that, I will have access to a rental car.

Now for the downside, my dad and step mom will also be there. They will have their own room and a different schedule but will still be around. My dad is cool, my step mom is easy to ignore.

If anyone wants to save some money and stay at this fabulous resort during the blogger gathering, please send me an e-mail at April9807 AT AOL DOT com. We will be there from December 5 through December 12 and can accommodate someone for any of those nights.

CLARIFICATION: I want to clear something up that may be confusing. When I say my parents have their own room I mean they have their own bedroom within the condo. The layout is a master bedroom/bath where my parents will be, a room with 2 twin beds next to another bathroom, and a Murphy bed in the living room area (would be loud during daylight hours while my parents are up getting breakfast and stuff). The extra twin bed and Murphy bed are available. I don't snore but earplugs would be a good idea as my step mom doesn't know how to whisper and her voice can carry. If this still sounds like a good option, send me an e-mail.

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