Thursday, April 19, 2007

Roommate Needed

In case you haven't heard there is a little trip to Vegas coming up soon. Falstaff has a block of rooms at the Orleans set aside and I need a roommate to split the cost with. Here is the important information straight from PokerStage:

The room block is ready for booking at The Orleans. For those who have forgotten, the rates are as follows -
Wednesday Night - $60
Thursday Night - $60
Friday Night - $110
Saturday Night - $110
Sunday Night - $65
There are 50 rooms held at those rates, plus the million dollars in taxes and other fees that come with. The room block will vanish in three weeks, so don't dick around!Call 1-800-675-3267 for reservations. Make sure you tell them this is for the World Poker Blogger Tour, June 6-10.

Also, if you're coming, please email me, so I can start compiling a contact list of everybody that will be there. Let me know your Real name (if you want), blogger name, dates of arrival and departure, where you're staying, and contact info (if you want people to have it). This list will be distributed to everyone who's coming, so if you don't want your cell phone number bandied about, tell me.

So, if you are interested in sharing the cost for any of those nights please send me an e-mail at April9807 AT aol DOT com. As long as I've met you and didn't think you were creepy, I'm willing to room with you.

Also, everyone's favorite drunken hippie has arranged for a couple of bracelet races to send some people to that big tournament that will be going on in June. One tournament is for bloggers only while the other if for anyone. If you are interested, here are the details:

Tournament name:
Blogger Bracelet Race
When: Sunday, April 29th, 7pm ET
Game: NLHE DeepstackBuyin: $24+2 or token
Password: email with blog URL for password

Tournament name: Chasers/Blogger Bracelet Race
When: Sunday, May 13th, 7pm ET
Game: NLHE Deepstack
Buyin: $24+2 or token
Password: riverchasers

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