Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mom News

On the morning of Friday the 13th, while on her way to work, my mom had a little accident.

She is fine (She'll be very sore and bruised) but the car is totalled. It took 3 guys to get her out of the car as it came to rest on the passenger side after rolling over. It shouldn't even be snowing in Maine anymore, it's April for crying out loud! Since she made it out alive the part that pisses her off most is that she had just made her last car payment 3 weeks ago. She was also pissed that a member of our extended family drove by, recognized her and immediately called my Aunt Roberta, who called my Aunt Cindy, who I'm sure called my grandmother. I told mom that if she didn't want the family to find out, she should have had the accident a little further from home....she didn't seem to find that idea as amusing as I did!


Chilly said...

When I was 20 years old I had a run in with the police. I was in college, living on campus, but lived in the same town as my parents and grandparents.

My grandfather heard my name on the police scanner and called my parents. They were all sure that I had been killed and a car accident.

Not quite, just a minor in possession ticket and my car towed. All of which I could have cleared up without parental intervention.

biggestron said...

It sucks to crash a car that has just been paid off, but at least she picked a car that kept her safe when it did crash!

Easycure said...

I'm glad she's ok. Cars can be replaced. People, not so much.

Falstaff said...

Glad she's ok. Reminds me of the story of the redneck who heard on the radio that most accidents take place within three miles of home.

So he moved.