Thursday, February 08, 2007

In The Quiet

Everyone is sleeping except me and my cat Ricci who is scratching at a flea that had the nerve to interrupt his midnight nap, which will be followed by his 1am nap, then the 2am nap and so on. I can hear the fan inside my laptop, the freezer humming nearby and, finally, what sounds like the Light Rail horn in the distance. Occasionally a car drives by but the street is never very busy inside the mobile home park. I think the new neighbors are vacuuming. Who the hell vacuums at midnight? Especially young single guys in their bachelor pad. Maybe there is a special visitor coming soon and they don't want anyone to know that they are slobs. Of course one of them could be obsessive compulsive but, since they finally stopped, I don't really care.

Ricci has now decided that he needs to bathe before going back to sleep. He's pretty fat so he only cleans a small area then continues with his nap. Punkin is pretending to be asleep nearby. She knows I'll be going to bed soon and she doesn't want to miss out on annoying me as I try to fall asleep.

The vacuuming is still going on next door. I guess he just moved to another room. I hate to tell him but, unless they replaced the carpet since the previous owner, he should just give it up. She had sloppiness down to an art form. It took a month for workers to make that place inhabitable and I don't remember seeing new carpet going in. Supposedly, she had money but she certainly didn't live like it.

I've been sitting in this chair too long, my ass is getting sore. But, the quiet is kind of nice and I feel like, if I move, it will all go away. Then again, I'm getting tired of that fucking vacuum cleaner interrupting my thoughts. I'll probably be hearing it in my dreams when I finally go to sleep which I think I'll do now.

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