Wednesday, January 31, 2007

National Freedom Day

According to the calendar I saw today, tomorrow is "National Freedom Day". I'm not sure exactly what that means, I guess I'm supposed to appreciate the fact that I can play poker online in the comfort of my own home......wait a minute.....Actually this post has nothing to do with poker, the UIGEA or Neteller. For me, tomorrow is the start of a new type of freedom.

Tomorrow at 6:30pm PST, I will be walking out of the hospital I've worked at for the past five years and not going back. Yes, tomorrow is my last day of 12 hour torture as an EKG Technician. No more early mornings. No more sweaty boobs and hairy chests. No more doctors acting like they are gods while they treat their patients like crap. No more evil co-worker from hell.

After tomorrow I will be working from home. Sleeping in, staying up late, as long as my work gets done, I can set my own schedule. How fraking cool is that??

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