Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Ends, Another Begins

I am ending the "name my business contest" and announcing that no one has won. While there was one suggestion that stood out, it still wasn't quite right. Last night I finally decided on A.M.H. Research Solutions so we'll see where that takes me. Since only 4 people entered I am offering you each a consolation prize, see me in Vegas and I'll buy you a beer or shot. Thanks again to Gracie, Easycure, STB, and Maura for the suggestions.

Now for the new contest. If you read my last post you know there is a new member of my family. We were calling him Opie but that just isn't working so I'm looking for suggestions. Names I've already tried but don't like include, Puck, Toby, Tiger, Tigger, Elmo, and every San Jose Sharks player. They just weren't right and I'm stumped. He's a crazy kitten with long legs and a very slight overbite. He loves to play with anything, moving or not as he will attack my feet in the middle of the night. He's still scared of new people and hasn't warmed up to my dad or step-mom yet but he purrs for me all the time. He's clumsy and a bit awkward but the most adorable kitten I've seen in awhile.

So, there you go. Feel free to send me your suggestions via my e-mail, April9807 @ yahoo . com

Prize will be the drink of your choice next time I see you so long as it isn't the most expensive shot at the bar. I do plan to be in Vegas in December so, if you win and are there, I'll pay up at that time.


Shelly said...

I miss having kittens attack my feet in my sleep :)

I say, call him Dave.

StB said...!