Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thank You Full Tilt Poker

I did make it back from Australia and I just want to take a moment to thank Full Tilt Poker for allowing me to fly on their dime. I have always wanted to go to Australia but never really thought it would happen, of course I never saw myself graduating from high school either so maybe I shouldn't be that surprised. It was a great trip and hopefully I will have time to do a write up of some sort and post some pictures. Right now I am just trying to get reaclimated to my life. While I was away, things were good and, now that I'm back, I'm my regular chaotic overwhelmed self. I'm discovering that a change may be in order so I can get back that semblence of sanity I felt in Aussie land. So, something big may be on the horizon.....the planets aligned once and I got to take the trip of a lifetime, maybe, just maybe, they will be aligning again soon for another journey.

Stay tuned....

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