Friday, December 15, 2006

Trip Report: The Ugly, Pt. 1

Everyone who went on the blogger trip last weekend already knows about the good (tournament) and the bad (wallet) portions of my trip. However, only the few who were in the "girly chat" the other night are aware of "the ugly".

Maura and I had decided when we made our plane reservations to stay until Tuesday the 12th to have a day to decompress before heading back to the "real world". Our plans for the day included chocolate, testing Grubby's slot machines at Green Valley Ranch, and getting some fresh air while looking at some pretty Red Rocks. Well, we almost made it through the first stop.

We drove out the the Ethel M chocolate factory. I can't go to Vegas and not come home with some Satin Cremes, it's impossible. Since we had a car and needed to use up more of the gas, we headed for the birth place of the luscious chocolate instead of one of the many stores in the strip area. Besides, it was on the way to Green Valley Ranch, our next stop.

After getting our free samples and making our purchases we decided to take a stroll through the Cactus Garden. I hear it is beautiful at night as they have it all lit up for the holidays. During the day, it's still neat to check out but it was a bit dreary and overcast. Maybe that should have been a hint to stay away!

While wandering through the garden we decided to head left down a little path of stairs. There was nothing ominous or scary about them but, if this had been an episode of "Lost In Space" the robot would have been yelling "Danger, danger Will Robinson". Me, I would have ignored the damn piece of tin and descended the stairs out of spite. Instead I started down while chatting. Obviously, multi-tasking was not the way to go on this particular set of stairs.

Things were looking good as I descended the first step without a problem. Suddenly, my feet took on a life of their own and I started to fall. I struggled to regain my balance and reached for something to keep me upright. Unfortunately the rail was not within my arm span. I flew forward, over the last couple of stairs and landed, knee and hands first, on the hard concrete below. Imagine if you will, the human cannonball at the circus, mis-firing. I'm fairly certain that is what I looked like. Maura will have to verify. Upon landing, I looked like I was making a snow angel, only I decided to fall forward into the snow instead of backward. If only there had been snow underneath to break my fall. Concrete hurts!

Next up: Part 2, Morphine, sweet Morphine!

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