Saturday, December 17, 2005

Quads and Cold Decks Part 2

It was late Friday night and I was in the MGM poker room once again. I must have been getting tired because I started to hallucinate. I mean, it had to be a hallucination because if Phil Gordon had been in the poker room at least one of the dozen or so bloggers present would have come over to my table to tell me he was there.....Right?


So, after getting quads on Thursday night, I proceeded to give my winnings back plus drop about half of my buy-in. I just couldn't connect with the board at all. It didn't help that I held on to my Aces even though I knew I was beat. I gave back a lot on that hand alone. When someone finally told me everyone was heading over to Excalibur, I was definitely ready for a change of scenery.

At this point my twin had made it to Vegas and we decided to eat with a couple of other bloggers before hitting the Excalibur poker tables. We got through the meal and hit the tables. I don't remember much of the play but I did leave up about $30 so it must have been a good table.

I finally got too tired to remember the color of my cards so I decided it was time to go. I headed back to the IP with a group that included Maudie and Gracie and hit the pillow at about 4am.


I got up from my table to talk to Shelly, surely if Phil Gordon had just walked by, she would have seen it. She informed me that she had not seen the man I was asking about and we came to the conclusion that I must have seen his doppleganger. Besides, if Phil Gordon were in the poker room, someone would have told me.....Right?


After a fitful night, or should I say morning, of sleep I got up to take a shower. I then wandered downstairs for a pastry at the cafe. I ran into Iggy who was just wandering in from the Excalibur. After a brief conversation that he later didn't remember, I went to get my food.

Soon I met up with Maudie, Gracie and Pablo for breakfast and then we hit the IP poker room for a bit before heading off to do "the gay thing". Here's one piece of advice, if you want to win at poker, don't sit down at a table with Pablo. He cracked my AK straight and my Aces within minutes of sitting down.


I went back to my table to ask Ohio Mike if he had seen Phil Gordon in the poker room. Forget that his back was turned toward the area where my hallucination had walked, he could have seen something. Mike said no and I finally admitted that I was hallucination because if Phil had been in the poker room someone would have told me....Right?


Finally it was time to do the "gay thing" and a bunch of us hopped on the monorail and hit the Las Vegas Hilton. Now, I've done the Klingon Experience before but I had yet to fight with the Borg so I was looking forward to that and we had tons of fun. The actors were great and came up with some great improve to deal with our uncontrollable laughter during the more "serious" moments of the experience.

When it was finally over we decided to meet up with everyone at the MGM for some food and mixed games. I decided to pass on the HORSE game as I actually wanted to make some money in Vegas. I ended up sitting at a 2/4 limit table where I was joined by Ohio Mike and some fun to talk to strangers. We were definitely having all the fun down at our end of the table. There was a Scottish guy who was raking in the chips. I couldn't decide if he was good or just damned lucky but he was fun to play with.

At some point Wil arrived and April dragged me over to meet him. He must have brought me some luck because, on the very next hand, I raked in a nice pot when my Aces held up. The deck went cold after that (a common theme for the weekend) and I was getting frustrated when a guy who looked just like Phil Gordon walked by. See, it had to be a hallucination because if Phil had really been there, someone......oh fuck it......Phil was there, dozens of you knew, and not one of you came over to my table to tell me. As my twin said in her write-up "You all suck!" ;) At least I left for the night up $9.

Coming up.....the tourny, more quads, change in plans, and my new rule.


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